Creation assisted by tune recommendations, evaluations, and reviews is focused on by other sites. On certain websites, users share and create playlists, providing people the choice to read reviewer remarks or info about every song when listening.

Some sites only permit the sharing of their playlist data together with the real music being delivered by additional stations e.g. plurnothers offer a closed catalogue of articles where the playlists can be created while websites such as imeem enable users to upload the audio to central servers to be shared and accessed from any user of the website. IPods may also be employed to construct playlists.

A playlist is a listing of audio or video files which may be played on a media player either sequentially or in a shuffled order. In its most typical form, a sound playlist is merely a listing of tunes , but occasionally a loop. The expression has many technical meanings from the realms of tv broadcasting, radio broadcasting and private computers.

A playlist can be a list of names onto a video disc. Online, a playlist could be a listing of chapters at a film serial; as a playlist of video chapters, Flash Gordon from the Planet Mongo can be obtained on YouTube for instance.