Musicology branches belong to the humanities, though audio study is frequently more scientific in concentration . A scholar who participates in musical study is now a musicologist. Traditionally, the historical musicology was the most notable sub-discipline of musicology.

From the 2010s musicology is just one of many musicology sub-disciplines. Ethnomusicology is the study of music in its own cultural context. Systematic contains the science and technologies, music acoustics of acoustical instruments, as well as the consequences of computing, psychology, sociology, philosophy and physiology.

Cognitive musicology is your set of happenings surrounding the computational modeling of audio. In a few nations, music instruction is a notable sub-field of musicology, while others it is considered a distinct academic discipline, or a more closely correlated with teacher instruction , instructional study , and associated subjects.

Like music instruction, music treatment is a technical kind of applied musicology that’s sometimes considered more closely connected with wellness fields, and sometimes considered as a member of musicology appropriate.