Is making and Selling an Album still Relevant?

To almost all bands and music artist, creating an album is the epitome of their work. Album is a group of song to showcase the talent’s voice and skill. Not to mention, it can sometimes be used as a reflection of their physical and social environment. For listeners, it is a nice background as they play or any other games online to calm their minds. Albums were once thought as the top-tier of recorded experience that any artist can offer. But today, that seems to change.

It won’t be Easy

The challenge is, there are tons of artist that saturated the market and has failed to recognize that albums are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and even hamper their success.

These days though, producer’s focus is in singles. Days are gone when people sit down for roughly 40 to 50 minutes listening to the songs in the album. Nowadays, music can be taken literally anywhere; thanks to music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. There is no reason not to be tied to music playback or listen to songs when you wanted to.

Struggles in Album Sales seem to be a Trend

If this is the case though, then why artists should even bother themselves in working for months to create an album? It isn’t like people are buying them in big numbers and the associated costs may sometimes put the record label and the artist in financial risks. To give you an example, sales for albums were down by 17.7% or 169.15 million copies according to reports. This already includes all kinds of album including digital albums, CDs, vinyl LPs as well as cassettes. In comparison to 1999 wherein there are 939.9 million CDs were sold.

Aside from that, even top selling albums don’t perform well compared to past years. For instance, the Reputation album of Taylor Swift only made 1.9 million copies and most of it was because brought by her “buy-an-album-get-a-chance-for-a-concert-ticket plan”. There was just one album that has reached over a million and that was Divide from Ed Sheeran which made over 1.1 million copies.