Work In The Music Industry – Make Work More Professional With Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

In the music industry, the most popular career path is to be a musician. However, backstage, there are other several other jobs and career options that support music artists and other musicians as well as play a crucial role in making music performances possible and ensuring that fans are given quality performances.

Occupations In The Music Industry

If you have a degree in music business, there are professions wherein you can practice what you have studied and also assist music artists in their day-to-day activities. Music business is a degree that prepares individuals to work in different branches within the music industry. The concepts and skills learned from the said degree enables one to efficiently carry out and complete duties, providing support to musicians in order for them to perform and deliver great performances. Depending on the occupation, duties includes:

  • Scouting for musicians with potentials to join and link up with a record label (Talent Scout)
  • Planning performances for a specific musician or choosing a musician/s to perform at well-known venues (Booking Agent)
  • Selecting music/songs as soundtrack for films and TV shows
  • Creating marketing projects and campaigns for music artists (Marketing Coordinator)
  • Managing the overall operations of events such as concerts (Event Operations Coordinator)
  • Collaborating with music artist in creating and distributing merchandise fitting their style and brand (Merchandiser)
  • Handling finances of individuals in the music industry which includes studios, record labels and of course music artists (Entertainment Accountant)

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus – Productivity Tool You Need

Regardless of your occupation and which industry you belong to, it is imperative that you have the knowledge and skills to perform your functions right and well, and to get jobs done more effectively and efficiently, using the proper tools is also a factor to consider.

Living in a modernized world, the computer is one of the most needed tool needed by nearly all occupations as there are certain tasks that need to be completed using the technology, particularly the software installed within. One of this is the Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, available for Windows 10 and Mac users.

The Office 2019 Professional Plus is the latest version of MS Office and provides individuals and teams all the necessary tools for work efficiency and productivity. It is obtainable as a one-time purchase and obtainable only from volume licensing channels, such

Microsoft Office, also known as MS Office or just Office, is a suite of office-related desktop applications developed by Microsoft. The core applications in the MS Office are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and OneNote. Each application is designed for a specific purpose, and so provide unique functions and offer certain services to users. Nonetheless, all are created to help simplify basic tasks done on a computer and make them more professional as well as increase work productivity, making the MS Office a principal tool utilized by many individuals and various industries.

There are several versions and editions of the product and the one you require will depend on your needs as not all Office versions and editions offer similar applications and capabilities. The Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is intended for small businesses looking to get the classic core applications of MS Office plus more, like Outlook and OneDrive as well as other new features and bettered inking across applications. Visit for more details and to purchase yours.

The Importance of Backlinks for Music Artist Websites



Today let’s venture slightly off the beaten path of your musical development and independent artist career responsibilities… Let’s discuss your online presence. Today we are visiting to discuss an often overlooked area of building your online presence… It’s called Link Building. Link-what…? Exactly.

Link Building For Musicians Websites?

Link Building for artists/musicians websites isn’t something that’s typically addressed by the independent artist because they only don’t usually understand what it means, and why it’s important.

typically engaged with blogging, list-building, and social media are independent artists, Musicians, and Bands that are active in building their online presence, which is good! If you’re actively communicating together with your audience through regular blogging, sharing content through social media, and email; you’re way earlier than the curve, and I salute you!

The good news is that if you’re doing these items, you already ARE creating and building new links, you simply might not understand it.

But after this text, you may know what most don’t, understand that links are important, why exactly they’re valuable, and the way you’ll get more.

What is Link Building? What are you talking about…

Link Building (sometimes remarked as Backlinks) is extremely simple, it’s the muse for internets connectivity. It’s how people find your pages online.

When you click thereon little (typically blue) link on someone’s web page, or from the search engines results page, or from Twitter/Facebook/anywhere… you’re being instantly connected to a different page somewhere on the web.

Links are great. We wish as many good ones as we will get.

Search engine traffic might not be something you have got planned on as a technique for marketing your online presence. But let me ask you… why not?

All you’ve got to try to do is determine the keywords for something that somebody within the WORLD would use to search out the information they were fascinated by, that you simply could also indite, and so target those keywords.

With a bit of link building and promotion, you may have targeted traffic from that search term for the remainder of your life, with little or no further work. (Not necessarily very competitive keywords mind you, those require work to remain at the highest, but “Long-tail” keywords, which are longer keyword phrases with less competition)

Over time, repeating this (albeit oversimplified) process for building your pages could mean substantial new visitors and a simple stream of recent fans and audience growth.

–For example, let’s say 10-1000 people employing a long-tail search phrase like SEO for Artists and Musicians.


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It’s ALL Pages and Links.

So, remember, the full INTERNET is just PAGES and LINKS.

People find pages through links, and people links = program love and more visitors/fans/subscribers/sales.

The most amount of quality links pointing back to our websites and web 2 properties we will get is what we are attempting to accomplish with Link Building. Why Link Building is so valuable, you now know.

So Who Should Be Building Links Actively?

Anyone with an internet site that wishes to grow their audience and acquire more visitors for the long-term can also hire link building services at

It’s really that easy. If you have got great music, (first priority) you have got a blog and you employ it-as well as are building your email list and social media following, then building links is simply a no-brainer to create your brand’s reach and audience.

But before you throw your hands up within the air with an ARE YOU SERIOUS!? what proportion more am I able to do, I’m already spread so thin!….. I get it. We all are.

The good news is that we’re not talking about large-scale Link Building campaigns where corporate-level SEO teams are brought in to handle the duty. I’m talking about some very basic stuff that will really facilitate you maximize the things you’re doing already, and hopefully pull in some more traffic from a number of the foremost effective streams.


How Bitcoin Royalties Could Change the Music Industry



For a few of them, Bitcoin is music to musicians’ ears.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which investors like Kenneth Mak are very well invested in, are constantly teetering on the knife’s fringe of promise and peril – where holders want to use the digital offerings to transact and obtain paid. Yet the worth volatility of those same offerings makes it hard to work out just what an exchange is worth.

Timing, like such a lot else in life, is everything.

Giving the holder purchasing power far above where he or she originally bought the crypto, converting bitcoin into fiat at the “right” moment can represent a windfall. The reverse scenario is often true, too.

Coinbase said that it’s partnering with UnitedMasters to enable the music distributor’s musicians to be paid in cryptocurrencies for the music they create, in a sign that cryptos are inching further into the mainstream. The musicians themselves can prefer to be paid in U.S. dollars or cryptos, in whole or part.

“To assist them to try to do more with their crypto — including spending, earning, trading and borrowing — the artists can even make the most of Coinbase’s full set of product offerings,” Coinbase said within the release.

To be sure, there’s no shortage of online platforms that ensure payments get to creators. One example is Patreon, which matches six million monthly active patrons with quite 200,000 creators, enabling payments through conduits like PayPal.

For Coinbase, the partnership represents how to induce new users onboarded into the crypto ecosystem it’s creating. The news of the partnership with UnitedMasters comes soon after Coinbase said it’ll offer direct deposit within the U.S., enabling customers to deposit a part of their paycheck into their Coinbase account. Late last month, the corporate said account-holders can like better to get paid in any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase, or in U.S. dollars.


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Playing the Timing Game

As to the timing aspects: it should be the case that the musicians – and any artists that look toward embracing crypto instead of dollars (or the other hard currencies) paid directly into their accounts – are playing a small amount of a scheme. Making an implicit bet are these recipients, in other words.

The bet is that by holding onto the crypto, whether bitcoin or an alternate holding, they will wait until the value will rise, convert that crypto into fiat at a desirable price point than spend the cash. This also implies that they need enough income to park in accounts held by the exchange and play that strategy.

The reverse situation is certainly true – where the crypto holdings’ value can drop precariously, and therefore the musician or artist can see the worth of that account shrink markedly. It’s a risky proposition, to be sure.

In embracing cryptos in everyday use cases, familiarity may breed confidence. As noted in recent PYMNTS research, 18% of the adult population is probably going to use cryptocurrency to create a sale — some 46 million consumers, including 17 million non-owners.