Ways to Energized You When You’re Lazy

On the scale of a lazy slug to the hard driver, where do you fall? If you’re like me, it’s towards the industrious end, although I would never pass up the opportunity for a nap.

Slothful friends among us understand that not everything needs to be accomplished at warp speed. Or at all. All those idle people who have two speeds—slow and slower—may have had well-kept secrets they weren’t sharing. They get work done through others. They adjust their expectations. Laziness forces them to be creative.

But of course, you need a little kick to enjoy being lazy and being productive at the same time. Well, can we really do both? Let’s figure out!

Listen to Music

Music has often been referred to as food for the soul; it provides a soothing and calming feeling to the listener. Music has been discovered to work on the autonomic nervous system that is the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function.

This also includes the limbic system which is the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotions in humans. According to one piece of research, both these systems react sensitively to the sound of music.

Focus on just a few things at a time

We often create a big list of things that we want to do and achieve. Focusing on two or three things at a time will allow you to feel less overwhelmed. Instead, you will feel motivated, as your goals will now seem so much more achievable.

Out of the two sets of six-month goals below, which set gets you more motivated? Learn to play the guitar, do well at work, and get fit. Learn to play the guitar, do well at work, get fit, build big muscles, get better at singing, get top marks at school, learn how to draw better, and write a book.

Get organized

Your physical surroundings have a big impact on how you feel. If your house is a mess, you are likely to feel even more overwhelmed—both because clutter creates a sense of chaos and because having to clean your house adds to your giant list of things to do in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Clean your house and organize your physical surroundings and you will naturally feel motivated to be more productive and active. You will be making life simpler and easier to manage. Or rather get some helping hands to do the job, you can simply call someone from the Corpus Christi roofing.

Add Ambience to Your Coffee Nook by Playing Coffee Shop Music

Do you ever wonder why most coffee shops play the music of singer-songwriters like Nora Jones, Ray LaMontagne, and Iron & Wine; or of R&B artists like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jamie Lidell, Jordan Rakei and other singers of soulful but easy going songs? That is mainly because their kind of music has transcended into becoming a new genre known as coffee house music.

The calming effects of slow to mid-tempo rhythm of jazz, soft rock or even alternative rock songs by bands like Coldplay or R.E.M., actually gives coffee drinking at coffee-dedicated shops, a different kind of experience. Coffee lovers prefer coffee shops where they are instantly stoked by the aromatic flavor lingering in the air. Now, they are even more drawn to these outlets because of the overall ambience created by the selection of music being aired.

What Kind of Music Falls Under the Coffeeshop Music Genre?

Music played in popular coffee houses do not have to belong to a specific era, or be limited to piano or acoustic guitar as musical accompaniment.

The main importance for a piece of music to qualify under the coffee shop genre is its calm and relaxing effect. They provide a perfect balance between the need to drink coffee in perking up one’s mood without making a coffee drinker too hyped up. Coffee shop music in general, are musical pieces whose arrangements let you stay relaxed and in the right frame of mind at any time of day.

Creating the Coffeeshop Experience in Your Own Home

People who do not have the luxury of time to hang out and stay at coffee shops for hours, often try to duplicate the coffee-drinking experience by creating a coffee nook in their home. Aside from procuring their own drip coffee brewer, they try to imitate the look of a typical coffee shop bar. Although any place in the house can be a good space for a cozy coffee nook, a spot in the kitchen is usually the most ideal. .

Make sure the bar has enough space for your French press or whatever type of drip coffee maker your prefer. Shelves are also important, to avoid cluttering the bar space. After all you will also be using the free space as your coffee table where you can place your coffee at a safe distance from the laptop or mobile device, book or mail you will be watching or reading.

Now don’t forget the collection of coffeeshop songs you compiled as playlist. We suggest for you to make different sets of playlists from which you could choose coffee shop music that matches the mood are in or want to groove in. Also, we suggest that when looking for a French press for your home coffee nook, try adding [phrase incl. french press reviews]to your search words. Reviews help in knowing the most recommended brand or model based on contributions sent in by users.

Making Travelling More Enjoyable With Music

Travelling has its many benefits which is why a lot of individuals find and make time to do so. There are many ways on how to get to your travel destination, depending on the distance and terrain, and of course your budget. For other people, they make use of their car and bring along with them their motorbikes using their most dependable hitch carriers.

Regardless of how you get to your destination, you’ll be finding ways to make your travel is comfortable and enjoyable, especially during long trips.

Enjoying Music More

Music is said to jazz up life. Life with the subtraction of music would definitely be plain and dull. Music, to a certain extent, brings out our enthusiasm and brightens up life. It has the capacity to make everything alright. Hence, when travelling, music will make our trip far more entertaining and pleasurable. Below are a number of ways on how we could make travelling a bit more exciting and fun with music.

  1. Choose the kind or genre of music or tunes you like and are comfortable listening to and immerse yourself in the music. In doing so, you forget how exhausting travelling could be as well as make you perceive the sunnier side of life.
  2. When travelling using a car, whether you own it or is a rental, make certain that the vehicle matches the latest systems and techs for you to be able to listen to music with great quality. The key to revel in music depends in the quality of your sound system. Whether it’s loud, soft, upbeat, or slow, the quality of how music is important for you to fully enjoy it and the travel.
  3. If you are into melodious symphonies or classical music, read a magazine or a book as you listen to them. In doing so, you’ll indulge yourself with the musical luxury, and you’ll surely relish every minute of it.

One does not need to be an audiophile to fully delight in music, or have a vast vocabulary to define the sounds you hear. The aim and point is to carry on to listen to the tunes you very much love to, but to listen to it in a completely different way to genuinely enjoy them.